Charlotte's 1st Female Mentorship Mission: For Charlotte's Entrepreneurs, Side Hustles, & Future Executives.

Member Testimonials

"Pop-Up Mentor is not only a network, it's an experience that leads to your highest self!"

--Member, Age 26


"I did not leave the same as I walked in. There's an energy there that peps you up even after a stressful day at work. It was like wind under my wings. I usually have a hard time going to sleep after our events."

--Member, Age 50+


  • Why Mentor?

    You worked hard for your Experiences, Lessons Learned, & Achievements.  Mentoring gives you the opportunity to share it with women who want to learn.

    "Give Her a Head Start."

  • Why Host?

    Perhaps you just opened a new business or restaurant.  A "Pop-Up Mentor" Session is the perfect way to introduce it to 11 incredible women. 

    "Facilitate Mentorship Magic."

  • Why Become a Member?

    You don't have to be a member to attend a "Pop-Up Mentor" event.  But Members receive advanced notice, and special perks & promos.

    "Join the Mentorship Revolution."

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With at least 10 New Mentors each month, we provide you the access & programs to customize your mentorship path.

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When do Pop-Up Mentor Sessions begin?

Pop-Up Sessions began in August 2018. Members will receive first notice of the mentors, locations, and topics.  New sessions are announced every Tuesday at 9am.

What Does A Typical Pop-Up Mentor Session Look Like?

This ain't your grandmother's mentoring session!  (...Although, she may be an excellent mentor!)

We craft every experience to the Mentor. 

Want a Morning Mentoring Session? Grab a coffee with the Mentor of your choice and 10 more extraordinary women.

Want some Mid-Day Mentorship?  Join a lunchtime Pop-Up Mentoring session.

Perhaps you want to decompress after a long day?  Then, check out our After Hours Pop-Up Mentoring Sessions.

Or maybe you want to open your office or business to 10 eager women? 

The choices are all yours.

What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Mentor?

We believe we can learn from every woman's experiences.  If you have recently achieved, succeeded, failed, or learned.  We know you have something to teach us.  Share your experience here. 

"We've Never Met a Woman We Couldn't Learn From."


  • 17%% of Membership Goal
  • 17Mentors YTD
  • 12Mentorship Events YTD

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