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Member Testimonials

"Pop-Up Mentor is not only a network, it's an experience that leads to your highest self!"

--Member, Age 26


"I did not leave the same as I walked in. There's an energy there that peps you up even after a stressful day at work. It was like wind under my wings. I usually have a hard time going to sleep after our events."

--Member, Age 50+


  • Why Mentor?

    You worked hard for your Experiences, Lessons Learned, & Achievements.  Mentoring gives you the opportunity to share it with women who want to learn.

    "Give Her a Head Start."

  • Why Host?

    Perhaps you just opened a new business or restaurant.  A "Pop-Up Mentor" Session is the perfect way to introduce it to 11 incredible women. 

    "Facilitate Mentorship Magic."

  • Why Become a Member?

    You don't have to be a member to attend a "Pop-Up Mentor" event.  But Members receive advanced notice, and special perks & promos.

    "Join the Mentorship Revolution."

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With 32 Pop-Up Sessions, 1 Mentor Dinner, and 1 Members-Only Trailblazer's Breakfast per Month, mentorship has never been so customizable.

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When do Pop-Up Mentor Sessions begin?

Pop-Up Sessions begin August 2018. Members will receive first notice of the mentors, locations, and topics in late July 2018.

What Does A Typical Pop-Up Mentor Session Look Like?

This ain't your grandmother's mentoring session!  (...Although, she may be an excellent mentor!)

We craft every experience to the Mentor. 

Want a Morning Mentoring Session? Grab a coffee with the Mentor of your choice and 10 more extraordinary women.

Want some Mid-Day Mentorship?  Join a lunchtime Pop-Up Mentoring session.

Perhaps you want to decompress after a long day?  Then, check out our After Hours Pop-Up Mentoring Sessions.

Or maybe you want to open your office or business to 10 eager women? 

The choices are all yours. 

What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Mentor?

We believe we can learn from every woman's experiences.  If you have recently achieved, succeeded, failed, or learned.  We know you have something to teach us.  Share your experience here. 


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  • 64Mentors YTD
  • 80Mentorship Events YTD

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