Hustle Hall: Creative Flow Featuring Sharon Dowell



Sharon Dowell brings out the beauty in everything she sees. This morning Sharon shared her experiences as an artist, as well as the journey to get there. Such a powerful event! 

The group began by sharing how they each get into "Creative Flow."  Some responses were:

  • Find Your Magic Hours - When during the day you are most creative.  Then, show up consistently. 
  • Music & Earbuds - Use these tools to find & stay focused.
  • Let the Sediment Settle - Some folks use cleaning or organization to find creativity.

Sharon then shared her journey from part-time gallery worker to her extraordinary career as a public artist.  She also shared her personal process, and how she finds inspiration.  

Some of the gems from the discussion were:

  1. “Art can be a strong outlet to drive change.” -  @Sharon Dowell
  2. “I paint to create, and escape to, a little world.” - @gelyart

  3. Put yourself in places where your people & passion live, then explore. - @pinkmentornetwork

  4. “Everything sounds ridiculous until it works.” - @dishwitrish

Thank you to the good folks at @cocotivcoworking for hosting us. Your hospitality & facility is beyond!  And welcome new member @ajourneyideserve Glad you found us. We were looking for you!