Mentor Dinner: "Pivots, Transitions, & Leaps: Making Change Happen"


Compressing the remarkable careers of five extraordinary women into 2 hours, leaves us with some real gems---diamonds, in fact!

Here's a glimpse:

1. Be selfish about who you choose to spend time with. They are shaping your future.

2. Real change begins by "Gettin Off Go." Start, Practice, Repeat.

3. Watch out for "Grumpy Grapes". They'll sour the bunch.

4. Receive your blessings. You've earned them.

5. Be conscious of how your spend your spare time. Hobbies are passion in disguise.



Many thanks to the women who brought diamonds to Monday's panel: Catherine Collins, Jennifer Roberts, Jenise Tate, MBA, Cheryl Richardson Tuning, Meg McElwain.

We were changed forever.