Pop-Up Mentor: Amy Rogers - An Author's Guide to Storytelling

Amy Rogers is an incredibly talented author.  But as she explained at our October mentor session, storytelling is only her first career.  The second will be as a comedienne who laughs about the story. 

After our Pop-Up Mentor session at Whole Foods in South Park, I have no doubt she will pull it off.  Amy had us amazed by her skillful writing experience, and entertained by her ability to tell a meaningful story through her sense of humor. 

Here are some of my key takeaways:

  • "Look for connections to the world of where you want to be."
  • Be a person of heart & conscience.
  • Are the people you accept feedback from qualified?  If not, why are you listening?

Amy also shared some great resources for folks interested in getting published.

Amy's final piece of wisdom was "Have fun! It all goes by so fast, enjoy it!"  Amy certainly reminded us that a great sense of humor always makes a better story.  

Good luck on Chapter 2, Amy!!