Pop-Up Mentor: Bernadette Joy Cruz Maulion - Controlling Your Personal Finances to Pursue Your Dreams

So much financial wisdom shared by Bernadette Joy in today’s Pop-Up Mentor session! 


Bernadette shared her debt-free journey & what she wants all of us to learn from it.  Key observations for me included:

1. Change your money mindset. Sharing what’s “taboo” makes us relatable. 

2. Redesign your life to be debt-free. Know your motivation.

3. Budget for what’s important to you.

4. Short-term sacrifices don’t last forever, but make a big difference in the long run.

Y’all, if you aren’t familiar with this woman or Dressed—learn her! She will change your money mindset & make a world of difference.


Follow her at:

IG @crushthisdebt & @dresseclt