Pop-Up Mentor: Erin Sweitzer - Self-Care During the Work Week

Late one Sunday afternoon in October, Erin Sweitzer reminded a group of busy female professionals of the importance self-care.  

Erin went beyond the buzz word, and demonstrated practical approaches for incorporating self-care into each woman's life.   

The entire workshop was powerful, but the moment that will stick with me for forever was when Erin demonstrated why women must put their self-care first.  She showed how water leaks through a plastic cup with holes in it, and how much water to takes to keep a leaking cup full.  

The cup represented each woman's life.  The holes are the people & priorities who consume your time and energy, represented by the water.

When your cup is empty, there's nothing left for yourself, your dreams, or the folks you love.  Fill your cup up consistently, completely, and regularly. 


Thank you, Erin, for reminding us to keep our cups full!