Pop-Up Mentor: Executive Lunch with Kathryn Hill

The stories of Charlotte's most notable citizens adorn the walls of the long, second floor hallway at the Levine Museum of the New South. As a proud citizen of this great community, I could have humbly stood & admired our history all day.

But I didn't have all day...We had to get to a Pop-Up Mentor session with the museum's President & CEO, Kathryn Hill!! Kathryn shared the real stories behind her accomplished career. She explained that when a temp position led to writing job postings for future roles---she wrote, applied, & snagged her first officially role in museum administration!

Here's more from our conversation with this exceptional role model:

1. Make your career about something.

2. Accessibility is one of the most impactful leadership qualities.

3. Balance comes in 5 minute intervals. Appreciate those fleeting moments. Don't beat yourself up when it doesn't last because it won't.


Kathryn Hill is using history to build an incredible organization for our community. May we all learn from her example.