Pop-Up Mentor: Kara Taddeo - Things Nobody Tells You About Being Your Own Boss

Last night, we got an education on business management & entrepreneurship from the co-owner of @vbgb & @820clt, Kara Taddeo.


I could probably write a book on everything we learned. WOW...and by “wow” I mean "WOMAN OF WISDOM"!

Here are my “Take-with-Me’s”:

1. You are the only one standing in your way. 

2. The biggest learning comes from the challenging times.

3. Learn to tweak yourself.

4. Know the difference between your emotional brain & business brain. Make decisions & have conversations from your business brain. Exit gracefully when your emotionally brain enters. .

5. Don’t blow an opportunity to learn.

Seriously, in the last few months Pop-Up Mentor members have earned our MBAs from the most successful women in Charlotte. Kara was added to the top of that list last night. Exceptional woman, extraordinary work, & some of the coolest restaurants in Charlotte.