Pop-Up Mentor: Kim Wojnowich - How To Be the BOLD You

Kim Wojnowich, Life Coach at Inspiring You to Live Boldly, popped up at Whole Foods, Waverly location yesterday.

Kim shared her fascinating personal & professional story by introducing us to the many chapters of her life.  At the end of the session it became clear Kim's story is not each chapter, but rather the sum all moments.  Her incredible generosity & kind spirit came through in each chapter.  


My greatest takeaways from this Pop-Up Mentor session:

1. Create a vision, and practice it daily.
2. Be aware of your own inner voice that holds you back. (Think of your subconscious as a lazy coworker...would you really listen to someone who sits back & critiques?)
3. Keep a thought diary. Proactively replace the reoccurring negative thoughts & influences.
4.  "I am who I am" is a cop out.  Be open to personal growth.  Recognize you could be better. 
5. "What you focus on you will find."  Be intentional about the pursuit.