Pop-Up Mentor: Maggie Gentilini - "Identity v. Role for Women"

Maggie Gentilini led a powerful Pop-Up Mentor discussion on "Identity v. Role for Women" at Sandler Training i10

The biggest ah-ha for me was how early the roles I fill was developed.  From daughter, sister, student, friend, girlfriend, wife, employee, manager, boss, leader...unfortunately, it took much longer to develop the identity beyond those labels.


Maggie's Mentorship Advice For Us:

  1. We are NOT what we do! Which means that if we perform well or we fail, it does not determine our worth or who we are. Knowing this will enable us to step outside of our comfort zone, try new things, meet new people and reach our full potential.

  2. We ALL have the capacity to grow, learn new things and improve our internal self image. We are not stuck!

  3. The key to growth:
    - DECISION - Make a decision to change/grow/move forward
    - PLAN it out! We can’t get anywhere without a plan
    - ASSISTANCE – Share your plan and get support