Pop-Up Mentor: Renate Moore - Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Your Dreams

Renate Moore left us laughing, crying, & truly inspired!! Lady Ren's career is a true example of overcoming challenges & achieving success.

3 Pieces of Mentor Advice She'd Like to Give Women:

  1. Be kind to yourself - we often overlook our own values and talents and how we are helping others.

  2. Be honest - Represent yourself with honesty and integrity. Do exactly what you tell people you do.

  3. Be resilient - treat disappointments and failures as stepping stones to success. We learn if we pay attention, don't give up. Keep on trying.


About Renate Moore

Renate Moore is a highly accomplished and recognized expert on building a business.  

She is an author, specialty baker and passionate advocate for empowering women on topics on strength, resilience and perseverance.

When life gave her “lemons”, she turned them into Superstar Lemon Bars and Literacy, by creating her own company which is a successful online bakery and bookstore that enables people to live their best lives.

Renate’s mission is to help women overcome obstacles, break barriers and be successful achievers.