Pop-Up Mentor: Renee Schreibman - The Journey to Achieving Freedom & Success


Huge thanks to Renee Schreibman for sharing her journey to freedom & success with Pop-Up Mentor members this week! Renee proved there is something in every woman's story for each of us.

Thank you, Renee. You are a living, breathing, hustling inspiration to many!


Some key takeaways from this session for me:

1.) SHOW UP! We can't make a difference if we don't show up. Get out there and find what lights you up!

2.) STAY TRUE TO THE "WHY". And remember our "WHYs" evolve when we show up. Even in a busy life, find pockets of time to pursue the "WHY".

3.) THE ONLY FAILURE IS QUITTING. Success doesn't come easy or often soon enough, but we will fail if we give up.