Pop-Up Mentor: Robyn Riedlinger - Just Keep Thriving!

Robyn Riedlinger is a process guru! If you are trying to find ways to make more time, scale, or organize your life.

If you missed Robyn Riedlinger's Pop-Up Mentor session, here are the three pieces of mentorship advice:

1.  Don't run your business on a napkin. 

2.  Know where you're headed but enjoy the journey.

3.  Get your hands dirty with your team, they will respect you more for it later.

About Robyn:

Robyn Riedlinger moved to Charlotte from Tampa, FL in 2011 on a mission to surround herself with people who are improving their lives and striving for success. 

She has worked in professional settings such as law firms, financial organizations, healthcare and even dabbled in cosmetology. Her inspiration occurred while working for a company whose operations were running haywire and every day they were hoping for the best instead of guaranteeing the best.

Robyn Riedlinger wants to change that and create more stable circumstances for organizations.