Pop-Up Mentor: Rose Plesz - Dealing with Rejection

Bright & early one Monday morning, we met for a Pop-Up Mentor session with Rose Plesz, Independent Sales Director. It was just what we needed to kick start our week. The topic was "Overcoming Rejection".

SO MANY GEMS FROM THIS WOMAN & THIS SESSION...but here are my key learnings:

1. Don't become paralyzed by "what do I want to do with my life". Start by answering "what will I do next."

2. "When one door closes, another opens." is a common approach to dealing with rejection. But the little none addendum is "Hell is in the hallway"--that's the part that terrifies us.

3. Every answer is the right answer.


Rose Plesz has been a dear mentor to me. Her wisdom knows no bounds. Her words & actions always inspire me. Thank you for the opportunity to let me share that with others, Rose!!