Developing Customized Mentorship Paths for Women in Charlotte

Leading Through Experience, Learning By Example

By now, you've seen the posts about Pop-Up Mentor, a women's mentorship community that launched in Charlotte last month.

But you may still be wondering how it works...or more importantly, how it can work for you.

What is Pop-Up Mentor?

Charlotte's most influential female leaders are uniting to share their learnings, experiences, and wisdom in mentoring experiences all over the city.  The groups meet to pass on what they know to those who want to learn it. 

Each week Pop-Up Mentor members are alerted to new mentoring experiences available to them.  Topics include areas of professional development that are not often taught through formal education or business training, but are essential to career advancement. 

The attendees are invited to learn what has worked for the featured mentor, as well as the gritty advice learned through experience & hindsight. 


Customizing a Mentorship Path

Still unsure what to expect from a Pop-Up Mentor membership?  Take a look at this month's mentorship experiences.


Women's Mentor Dinners

The month kicked off with an extraordinary panel leading a group discussion on "Leveraging Our Strengths" at this month's Mentor Dinner.



Women's Mentor Dinners were introduced in April 2017 by Pink Mentor Network, the parent company of Pop-Up Mentor.  Through these monthly panel-led group discussions, dozens of accomplished Charlotte leaders have been showcased and hundreds of women have benefited from those experiences.

Mentor Dinners are open to both members & non-members.  However, Pop-Up Mentor members receive priority notice and discounted rates.


Trailblazer's Breakfasts

Trailblazer's Breakfasts are a Pop-Up Mentor member benefit.  They are an intimate, deep-dive into the lives of Charlotte-area female groundbreakers.  For many attendees, this program gives women first-hand experience with the pioneers whom paved the way. 

Last month's Trailblazer's Breakfast was hosted by Amy Noland Pack & Patty Comer, Principal Partners of Accrue Partners, and featured Trailblazer was Tana Greene, CEO of The Greene Group & Blue Bloodhound.  The group gathered to not only celebrate & honor the achievements of Ms. Greene, but also to learn from her lessons learned.

Trailblazer's Breakfasts are monthly Saturday morning mentorship experiences.  They are a free benefit to Pop-Up Mentor members, and may not be open to non-members depending on availability.


Pop-Up Mentor Sessions

The major learnings from the Mentor Dinner experiences have been:

  • Give accomplished women a stage, mic, & audience; and encourage her to share their achievements & learnings;
  • Invite women who want to grow;
  • Allow every attendee the opportunity to ask, contribute, and learn.

Those elements are honored & scaled through Pop-Up Mentor sessions.  In a Pop-Up Mentor session the featured woman leads a discussion based on her journey and expertise. The setting is always unique to the woman it celebrates.

For example, take three of this month's Pop-Up Mentor sessions:

Renate Moore of Lady Ren's Bakery & Books

Renate Moore was featured & honored by her friend, Lisa Drayton in Lisa's restaurant Bedder, Bedder, & Moore.  The group gathered around a homemade breakfast as Renate shared her experiences and advice on "Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success."  For many attendees, this session inspired resilience & perseverance to tackle through their own setbacks. 


Maggie Gentilini of Sandler Training i10

Maggie Gentilini chose to host her Pop-Up Mentor Session at Sandler Training's  state-of the-art classroom facility.  Maggie shared her own personal experiences with role versus identity, and then led a powerful discussion in which she challenged attendees to think about their own identities separate from the labels they wear.  


Mayor's Luncheon with Mayor Vi Lyles

Most recently, Mayor Lyles hosted a Pop-Up Mentor Session at her office.  She began the program by honoring the history & players of city government, and then shared her own accomplishments, lessons learned, and current challenges.  Mayor Lyles then invited the attendees to view Charlotte from her office and even take a seat at her desk.  


Each Pop-Up Mentor session is as unique and impactful as the woman it honors. As Pop-Up Mentor member Verlette Toms shared, "Today is my third Pop-Up Mentor event and the momentum keeps building. Each woman brings a new and fresh perspective to the table. They are very transparent in sharing lessons learned and not sugar coating their experiences. The ladies display the passion, drive and resilience that it takes to succeed in business and in life!" 

Another member, Melanie Nikolaiev added, "Every woman is unique and has different stories & backgrounds, but they all have traits in common that make them good leaders. I've notice that they all know how to make their strengths and passions work together, and they have learned valuable lessons from her experiences. I think it is great that women are willing to share and help to lift other women."


And we are just getting started!! 

Next month, this flyer will feature 10 new faces with new experiences, achievements, and learnings to share.  

Pop-Up Mentor membership are only $89 for twelve months of access to mentorship experiences.  If you have been searching for female mentorship or just generally want to work & live more inspired, join us.  Take control for your own professional advancement & learning.  Learn from the examples of the great female leaders in our community.

Join here. Join now. 

September's programs will begin rolling out next Tuesday, 8/28 at 9AM!