How Pop-Up Mentor Works

10 New Mentors are announced each month!  These are accomplished women with experiences we can learn & grow from.  Pop-Up Mentor members receive an email every Tuesday at 9AM that informs them what new mentor sessions are available & where they will be.  

Members get access to our member calendar where new mentorship experiences go live every Tuesday at 9AM!

As you know, careers often pivot & change.  Where you are today is not what you will need for tomorrow.  We offer all types of mentorship experiences so that you can craft the mentorship that's needed for your career.
Examples Include:
  • Mentor Dinners:  Our flagship program!  This is once a month opportunity to learn from a panel-led conversation on a topic that's been popping up for members.  
  • Pop-Up Mentor Session:  Intimate, High Impact.  Perfect for introverts or women looking to make meaningful connections.  A mentor shares more than her job title...she shares the learnings & experiences it took to get there.
  • Mentor Grab Bag:  Get four mentors personal experience with a particular topic.  It's the "Speed Mentoring" part of our program.
  • Mystery Mentor:  Each month you will receive clues & facts about the mentor closing out the month.  It's a mentorship scavenger hunt!! 
Members receive many FREE and DISCOUNTED seats to this sessions, and always receive advanced notice.