About Our Founder, Stacy Cassio


Her Earliest Days as a Business Woman


Stacy Cassio is the Founder & CEO of the Pink Mentor Network.  Stacy understands the importance of mentorship because her own career was built on the opportunities given to her by mentors.

The Pink Mentor Network “Gives Her Career a Head Start” by collecting the experiences, successes, and lessons learned of accomplished women; and delivering them to women who desire inspiration, support, and encouragement. 

Today, the network helps thousands of women who are seeking career mentorship.


Stacy proudly carries with her the Midwestern roots instilled by her parents.  But at 19, her life ambitions took her to New York. She now resides in the South where she’s attempting to perfect hospitality & grace.

At the core of who she is, and all she does, Stacy believes every woman has a story she can learn from. 

What will you teach her?



Her life now, as Founder & CEO of the Pink Mentor Network.

(The smile is real!)